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Oxford Academy Infant Program

Nurturing The Youngest Learners

Our Infants program offers a safe, nurturing, high-quality environment promoting infants’ healthy growth and development. Teachers provide responsive care to each infant, embracing and encouraging their unique development, allowing them to grow at their own rate. We concentrate on each child’s routine and provide a variety of experiences to build trust. Teachers work closely with parents to stimulate children’s learning and give the best individualized care. In addition, we nurture curiosity with an environment full of meaningful interactions using toys, mirrors, bouncing chairs, physical holding, and soothing, comforting words.

First Start

Each child will have their own crib and will have access individual care and a play area. Infants schedules are kept as consistent as possible with parental wishes regarding care. Parents will receive a Daily Record of their infants activities (sleeping, eating, classroom activities, and more) when they pick them up each day.

mother kissing babies forehead.

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