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Oxford Babies Curriculum

At Oxford Babies, we know that children begin to experiment, explore and learn from their very first days. That’s why our small classes set in stimulating, inspiring environments and led by attentive teachers are designed to stimulate even the youngest child’s cognitive, physical and emotional learning.

Through creative play and warmhearted interactions, infants develop trust and security, while toddlers begin to learn about their world and others. Most importantly, children learn early on how to be their best, most confident selves. That makes for compassionate children today, and eager learners tomorrow.

6 Wks – 1 Yr Olds

Our playful, nurturing infant program is designed to help our youngest children develop trust and security while building a positive foundation for their first steps into learning. Every day is filled with hugs and individualized attention from experienced, compassionate caregivers.

Individualized care

Our small classes encourage infants to create a loving trust with their caregivers and provide the ideal setting for the individualized care infants need. Feeding, napping and playful exploration times are all determined by the schedule you and your infant have established. To keep you connected throughout your child’s day, you’ll receive daily reports of your child’s activities, feeding times, diaper changes, skills of the day and other notable information.


For infants, play is their most important activity. Through active play, hand-eye coordination activities and interactive tummy time, we encourage motor development and physical strengthening. Language development is carefully nurtured through fun stories, songs and music, while daily outdoor play encourages our infants to safely explore the world around them.


Toddlers 1 – 2 Years

It’s your child’s first classroom experience, and we strive to introduce them to the structure of school while cultivating their independent spirit and nurturing their natural desire to learn and explore. Guided by our experienced teachers, your child will learn more about the world and people surrounding them, while making friends and developing their creativity and independence.


Toddlers are just beginning to develop a sense of self and others. To encourage them along on their exploration of self and interests, our days in the Toddler program are a mix of large and small group activities balanced with active and quiet time. To make sure our children are ready to explore the sand or finger paint their next masterpiece, we give our toddlers ample daily rest time to restore their little bodies and big energy.


For toddlers, play is learning. It’s how they experiment and problem solve. Our Learning Centers provide opportunities for learning and developing fine motor skills with our many manipulatives, such as puzzles, blocks, stacking toys and artistic tools. Their natural creativity and curiosity is put on display as they move through the centers. Language skills continue to grow through Bible stories, children’s storybooks, action songs and playing with musical instruments.


2, 3, or 4 year olds
P: 770.438.2224
775 Church Street
Smyrna, GA 30080
Hours: M – F, 7am – 6pm


Newborns to 2 year olds
P: 770.435.8858
811 Church Street
Smyrna, GA 30080
Hours: M – F, 7am – 6pm